Стандарты качества и безопасности Кристафлор

The flower industry of Russia is in great need of professional care products for cut flowers, which can increase the period of sale and reduce the loss of flowers during long storage.

At the moment, there are several manufacturers that offer care products for cut flowers, but it is quite difficult to choose a professional product among this assortment.

Crystaflor® is a Russian developer and manufacturer of professional care products for cut flowers at all stages of distribution of floral products. This is the only company in Russia that develops and produces Premium care products for cut flowers.

Компания КРИСТАФЛОР создаёт и развивает высочайшие отраслевые стандарты качества и безопасности, которые обеспечивают выпуск продукции, по своим характеристикам соответствующей качеству продукции ведущих мировых manufacturers.

The Main Advantages Of Crystaflor® Products

  1. When using professional Crystaflor® products, the water always remains transparent. It does not get cloudy, no sediment or plaque is formed.
  2. Crystaflor® products do not contain sulfuric acid salts, such as aluminum sulfate, which can damage flowers during long storage.
  3. Профессиональные средства по уходу за срезанными цветами КРИСТАФЛОР уменьшают списание цветочной продукции при длительном хранении до минимальных значений и значительно увеличивают сроки реализации. Использование рабочих растворов КРИСТАФЛОР увеличивают срок жизни срезанных цветов и букетов на 60–80%.
  4. Crystaflor® products do not contain chemicals that are dangerous to humans or animals. It is important to remember that all flower care products should be used with special precautions. The accidental contact of the concentrate with the skin or eyes may cause irritation. Please keep the concentrates away from food, pets and children.