Crystaflor Floristic No. 3

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Кондиционер Кристафлор®



Main Features

Professional conditioner for cut flowers. It is used for preservation of flower bouquets and arrangements in vases, as well as saturation of floral foam. It contains the necessary amount of nutrients for the full development of cut flowers. Crystaflor® Floristic No. 3 is supplied in 4 kg and 9 kg buckets.


Crystaflor® Floristic No. 3 stimulates water consumption and provides the essential nutrients for the natural development of cut flowers in bouquets and arrangements.

Practical Application

The effective application temperature: 5°C to 20 °C

Crystaflor® Floristic No. 3 is recommended for use by the professional flower shops and florists. It easily dissolves in water, forming a transparent and odorless solution. Ideal for use in glass vases, as well as for saturation of floral foam.

Economic Benefits

Crystaflor® Floristic No. 3 significantly increases the vase life of cut flowers and flower arrangements, reduces the losses and claims.

Recommendations For Use And Storage

Please store in a dark, dry place at a temperature of 5°C to 20 °C. Shelf life is 18 months in a closed container. The pH of the finished solution is 3,5 to 5,5. Dosage: 10 ml per 1 liter of tap water. The solution of Crystaflor® Floristic #3 can be used during the entire period of standing flowers in a vase. Do not use in the containers with unprotected metals (zinc, copper, iron). The remains of the solution can be poured into the sewer.

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