Professional care products for cut flowers

Conditioners for storing and transporting cut flowers and bouquets, universal cut flower food for home use.

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The Crystaflor® company develops and manufactures cut flower care products for all participants of flower business 

For each stage of cut flower distribution of we offer our high-quality solutions for hydration of flowers immediately after their cutting, conditioners for storage, transportation and flower arrangements, as well as universal cut flower food for the ultimate consumers.

For more than 20 years, the team of our company has been selling cut flower care products of leading world manufacturers. In 2022, it was decided to start our own production of flower care products in the Russian Federation under the Crystaflor® brand.

Crystaflor offers a wide range of nutrient solutions, conditioners and other professional products for better hydration of cut flowers. Our products are enriched with nutrients that help to improve flowering and prolong the vase life of cut flowers. Crystaflor offers special solutions, which ensure the preservation of the quality of cut flowers throughout the entire period of their delivery and storage.

Solutions For Hydration Of Cut Flowers Crystaflor



Hydration after cutting

Professional solution for hydration of roses, chrysanthemums and other flowers after their cutting and subsequent storage. It does not contain aluminum sulfate and calcium hypochlorite! This solution does not damage the leaves and flowers during their prolonged storage. Crystaflor® Intensive N1 is supplied in 20L cans and 200L barrels. 



Storage and transportation

Professional transparent conditioner for storage and transportation of cut flowers. It contains a sufficient amount of nutrients for the natural development of the flower without stimulating its full development at the storage stage. Crystaflor® Professional N2 is supplied in 5L, 20L cans and 200L barrels.



Storage of flower bouquets and arrangements

Professional conditioner for cut flowers. It is used for preservation of flower bouquets and arrangements in vases, as well as saturation of floral foam. It contains the necessary amount of nutrients for the full development of cut flowers. Crystaflor® Floristic N3 is supplied in 4 and 9 kg buckets.



Long life of cut flowers

Universal food for the full development of all cut flowers. This product provides cut flowers, bouquets and flower arrangements with the essential nutrients. It increases the vase life of cut flowers by an average of 60%. Crystaflor® Universal Cut Flower Food is supplied in 5g and 10g sachets to prepare 0.5L and 1.0L of water solution.

Кристафлор Клинер
Crystaflor Cleaner

Crystaflor Cleaner

Professional florist cleaner

Main Features

Professional cleaning product for dispensers, vases, buckets, containers, work tables and tools, walls, floors and refrigerators. Perfectly cleans working tools, vases and flower containers, as well as dosing equipment from limescale, organic residues and dirt. Thanks to its high efficiency, it promotes long-term storage of flowers and reduces waste. The remaining solution is not toxic to flowers.



Precise dosing of working solutions

Professional dispensers Dosatron® are designed for precise dosing of cut flower care solutions. The correct dosage is very important for the long-term preservation of cut flowers. Our dispensers save water consumption, do not require electricity and significantly reduce manual labour.

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