Интенсивный №1

Для использования тепличными хозяйствами



Main Features

Professional solution for hydration of roses, chrysanthemums and other flowers after their cutting and subsequent storage. It easily dissolves in water, forming the transparent and odorless solution. Optimizes the acidity of water. The solution does not contain aluminum sulfate and calcium hypochlorite, due to this, the leaves and flowers are not damaged during their prolonged storage. Crystaflor® Intensive #1 is supplied in 20 L cans and 200 L barrels.


Crystaflor® Intensive No. 1 stimulates water consumption and increases the vase life of cut flowers. As a special effect, it prevents the drooping of rosebuds.

Practical Application

Подходит для использования в любой воде. Может дозироваться автоматически. Для использования тепличными хозяйствами и импортерами.

Economic Benefits

Crystaflor® Intensive No. 1 significantly increases the vase life of cut flowers, reduces water consumption and labor costs.

Recommendations For Use And Storage

Please store in a dark, dry place at a temperature of 5°C to 20 °C. Shelf life is 12 months in a closed container. The pH of the finished solution is 3,5 to 5,5. Dosage: 1 ml per 1 liter of tap water. Put the flowers in the solution immediately after cutting. The processing time is at least 4 hours. The solution can be reused within 4 days. Do not mix the used solution with the freshly prepared one. Do not use in the containers with unprotected metals (zinc, copper, iron). The remains of the solution can be poured into the sewer.



Precise dosing of working solutions

Professional dispensers Dosatron® are designed for precise dosing of cut flower care solutions. The correct dosage is very important for the long-term preservation of cut flowers. Our dispensers save water consumption, do not require electricity and significantly reduce manual labour.

Профессиональные дозаторы