Professional florist cleaner

The professional cleaner Christaflor Cleaner is designed for the hygienic treatment of floral containers, buckets and vases to preserve the freshness of flowers. It has disinfecting properties, removes dirt and is harmless to flowers.

Кристафлор Клинер

Crystaflor Cleaner

Professional florist cleaner

Main Features

Professional cleaning product for dispensers, vases, buckets, containers, work tables and tools, walls, floors and refrigerators. Perfectly cleans working tools, vases and flower containers, as well as dosing equipment from limescale, organic residues and dirt. Thanks to its high efficiency, it promotes long-term storage of flowers and reduces waste. The remaining solution is not toxic to flowers.

Поставляется в 300мл и 1000мл флаконах.

Способ применения:

Налить в емкость (ваза, бак) 15-20 мл концентрата (1  мерная крышка). Добавить около 1 литра водопроводной воды. Тщательно вымыть емкость, используя щетку или ершик. Остатки раствора можно выливать в канализацию.